The Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 2

1. Have you been where the people are?

A vision for Kingdom advancement comes from being among the people.  Jesus saw the people “harassed and helpless” and “without a shepherd.”  No one can multiply the church unless they GO to where the people are and “see” them the way Jesus saw them.  ALL church planting only happens when we go where the people are and get a vision.

It is now one month since you decided to move forward and try to create church multiplication.  Please take a minute to identify the places where you have gone to “see” the people in the last month.  Remember that we go specifically looking for people whom we have not yet met but whom God wants to use to help plant a church in this community.

2.  Have you been alert for people you have met whom God has put favor in their heart for you?

When you go where the people are, this is what you are looking for—people whom God has prepared in advance and in whom he puts favor in their heart towards you that is evident when you meeting them. Identifying the people to start a church with is not based on your judgment; it is based on identifying the people who God has supernaturally put favor in their heart for you.

3. Have you been faithful to your call?

One month ago you said that you were called to this work.  It is the desire of Satan to distract you from this call.  If you have not gone to where the people are yet, please take a moment now to schedule a block of time next week to just go to a community you have targeted on your map, and give God an opportunity to work in supernatural ways in the people that you talk to in that community.

4. Be with Him

This week I re-read “The Captivating Presence” by Albert Edward Day.  This is one of a handful of books that I have read over and over for many years.  Day at one point describes part of his prayer life as “an hour in prayer in which I came, not to petition but to attend to a wisdom not my own.”  It is impossible to get to church multiplication unless we have a “wisdom not our own.”  We do not have the skills or the abilities to create a system of multiplication.  The success of our work depends on spending enough time to discover God’s wisdom and God’s direction for our work.  If you take time to find that wisdom you will succeed.

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