Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 18

Help Wanted – Strategy Coordinators

All church planting movements have had some form of the role of persons who provide training and oversight of the movement. In many movements this role is called “Strategy Coordinator.” Strategy Coordinators have a deep understanding of the behaviors necessary for the church to multiply and know how to use a set of strategies to train people in these behaviors. These nine strategies were identified in the last issue of the Mt. Bethel Update.

The next step for the Mt. Bethel Project is to train a group of Strategy Coordinators. Check below for information on training. This issue of the “Update” will talk about the role of a Strategy Coordinator and the possibilities for training of Strategy Coordinators.


The Role of a Strategy Coordinator (SC)

1. SC’s understand that we don’t teach for knowledge, we train for behaviors. This is why everyone has a “to do” list, and why we are careful to provide weekly encouragement to complete the “to do” list.

2. SC’s understand that we measure of our success based on how well our trainees have carried out the desired behaviors.

3. SC’s have skills in the “nine strategies” necessary to produce a church multiplication movement.

4. SC’s are able to relate to trainees so that can both train and provide systematic encouragement (hold accountable) those whom God has called and they have trained.

5. SC’s provide oversight of trainers, planters, and churches that emerge out of their training ministry.

6. SC’s have a call and passion to see the Kingdom expand rapidly.


Strategy Coordinator Training

We are hoping to provide two opportunities for SC training.  Both of these opportunities will cover material about understanding the role of a strategy coordinator, and training in the nine strategies. The emphasis will be on gaining skills to be able to train others so that they can train in turn train the second generation of SC’s. This SC role is the key role in starting a church planting movement. Learning how to be a SC will enable trainees to focus their efforts and invest their time in meaningful activities.  Without learning this role we will be trying to start a movement, but will be investing much of our energy in activities that do not produce multiplication.

Summer Strategy Coordinator Training

The first Strategy Coordinator class will be held sometime in this summer after Reframe Conference.  The training will be three days and two nights. The training will consist of teaching about the role of SC and training in the nine strategies.

Strategy Coordinator Training in Israel

Learn the strategies of Jesus and the early church in the actual towns in which they were developed. I am looking to see if there is interest in being part of a pilot group to see if we can do this training in Israel.  The trip would be about 8-10 days and the cost would be around $3000 per person for air and travel in Israel. The time frame would be either October or April.

If you have interest in participating in either of these training opportunities please contact me at


Be With Him…

Praying for one hour will enable you to go through life seeing the goodness of God and hearing his voice. These are the prerequisites for an obedient life.  “And we are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey him.” Acts 5:32

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