Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 23

Strategy Coordinator Training Available

August 19-21 are the dates for our first Strategy Coordinator Training.  The training will be held at Peach Orchard Retreat Centers in Burtonsville, MD.  There are a limited number of registrations that can be accepted.

Strategy Coordinator training will enable trainers to train others to train second and third generation trainers in the nine strategies necessary to produce a church planting movement. Each strategy is designed to produce a necessary behavior in the lives of believers that will enable the multiplication of believers, groups, and churches.

The training will cover a brief overview of the entire system and then training in at least the first five strategies.

Attendees should read the following booklets before attending:

“The Four Fields of Kingdom Growth” by Nathan and Kari Shank. Available at:

“Best Practices Institute Manual” available at:

Both books can be downloaded for free.

If you are interested in participating in the training please let me know by e-mail:

Churches that have Worked on Implementing Multiplication Teachings

Over the past twelve months there have been many people seeking to understand how to implement the teachings on church multiplication.  I am listing below some of the efforts of which I have been made aware.  If you are not on this list but should be, please e-mail your story to me at

The Wilkes Barre District – Led by District Leader Al Sones the Wilkes-Barre District has developed an initiative they are calling “Focus 17.”  Focus 17 is a plan to multiply churches in the 17 counties of Pennsylvania that their district encompasses.  They will be sponsoring a church multiplication banquet in October to bring the issue to the forefront of the agenda of their churches.

Nescopeck – Group started in Shamokin – the first place that was visited to find a person of peace

White Haven – Have gone looking for person of peace in nearby town

Waverly, PA – Pastor James Cohen has done a person of peace day with Al Sones in Scranton, PA.

Mechanicsburg, PA, Good News,– Pastor Al Sones has gone monthly to different towns and communities looking for person of peace

Wallenpaupack, PA– Pastor Ken Platt and a lay person have gone into nearby town looking for person of peace – They are exploring opportunities to start a new group in a nearby gated community

Walton, NY – Pastors Larry Light and Jack Steele had class of about 10 lay people go through Mobilizing Members and then went out to neighboring towns looking for persons of peace

Casa de Oracion, Patterson, NJ – Under Pastors Camilo Mora and Myller Olivio have started three new groups in three new communities.  These groups have become church planting projects.

Clifton, NJ – Pastors Willie and Daisy Kirchhofer have started one new group in Englewood, NJ

Bronx, NY, El Remenete – Pastor Joel Guzman has translated much of the Bruce Bennett materials into Spanish and has a church planters class with 20 people in training

Acts 12:24 Spanish Pastors – have committed to starting 200 new churches – They currently have 7 new church plants. They will be having a Church Multiplication Training Seminar for all Spanish Pastors on July 27, 2013 at Passaic, NJ.

Pottsville, PA – Pastors Storm Hutchison has led a church planters training class of about 7 people.

Plymouth Meeting, PA, Storehouse – Pastor JR Rushik teaches a pastors class in which he is training about 7 people to plant new churches.

Cadillac, MI – Superintendent Tom Doherty has been visiting Cadillac, Michigan seeking to identify a person of peace.

Bruce Bennett’s June Report

I am copying below Bruce Bennett’s June report of the increase in the number of his churches.

Dear Brothers,

For your information and prayers,

Here with a preliminary preview of our VCP quarterly results as at 15 June 2013.

For the quarter we had 1,546 new churches and 274,000 new members; around 17 new churches per day, and 3000 new discipled members per day.

The registry now reflects 28,779 churches with 2.68 million members.  God is good!!

We have set faith goals that by December 2014 we would have 40,000 churches with 4 million members.

Join us in praying for these goals.

When you mobilize & train members to be multiplying disciples of Jesus the end is in sight!

His grace and peace are yours,



Be With Him – One Hour Prayer Report from Willie Kirchhofer

Daisy and I have been doing the one hour prayer daily for about three weeks now – it has been very effective and there is not time in the one hour to pray for what is needed. 3 people in Crossroads have started the one hour prayer starting with one day a week – I have them go at their own pace. Here is an experience I had yesterday that you can use:

Yesterday as I came to pray the words “could you not pray with me one hour” impacted me greatly. I thought – we serve Jesus – we follow Him – we minister in his name and yet we cannot meet with Him for one hour? The absurdity of not meeting with Him really struck me.

I have created a blog for the one hour prayer. It is called One Hour Prayer Challenge. I use it for the people at Crossroads who are doing it as a place to post comments and encouragement. Others can use it if they desire:

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