Mt. Bethel Project-Update No. 35

How To Start A Church Planting Movement – The Luke 10 Instructions – Praying For Workers

Luke 10 contains instructions on starting new churches in new communities.  These instructions have been carefully followed by many people in our generation.  Following these instructions has led to tens of thousands of new churches being planted and millions of people coming to Christ.

It is important to understand and follow the instructions of Jesus as we do His work.  In verse 1 the Lord chose the disciples that He wanted to be involved in this ministry, divided them into pairs, and sent them to the towns and villages that He (Jesus planned to visit).  All of this was preliminary to the disciples actually beginning their work in their assigned village.

Jesus had in mind thirty-five villages, and in each of these villages He had at least one person of peace waiting for the two disciples assigned to that village. But before the disciples were to actually begin their work in the village, there was one more thing they were told to do. They were instructed to pray for workers for the harvest in that village.

Praying that God would send workers into the harvest field of the village is an important step to take before starting work in any community.  Praying for workers in a specific village before starting work there has importance in a number of different ways:

1. It is a prayer that God will prepare the person of peace, not just to be receptive to the Gospel, but to be willing to be trained to reach his family and friends for Christ.

2. It is a prayer that persons reached with the Gospel will have a sense of being commissioned by Christ to reach more people.

3. It is a prayer that there will be an adequate number of workers in this town to spread the gospel in the town.

4. It keeps the people assigned to find the person of peace in the town focused on the fact that Jesus is preparing people to reach a great harvest in that town.  The assigned workers are not the primary harvesters, the people Jesus will send into the harvest field who already live in that town are the primary harvesters.

5. It keeps the assigned disciples focused on what Jesus is trying to do in that town rather than what they, the disciples, are trying to do in that town.

Mt. Bethel Leaders And Workers  Quarterly Meeting

Oct 11, 2014
10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Ironia Free Methodist Church
298 Dover Chester Road
Ironia, NJ  07869

**Bring Your Own Lunch**

Our quarterly meeting for leaders and workers in the Mt. Bethel Project will be held on Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014 at Ironia, NJ. Everyone who has been working in church multiplication is invited, as well as anyone interested in learning more about this work of multiplication.

The meeting will consist of both sharing and teaching. Those who have been working in different areas will share how their work is proceeding, and we will take time to pray for each project.  In addition, we will receive specific teaching on the five fields and how to implement strategies for each of the five fields.  The five fields include: The empty field, the planted field, the growing field, the harvest field and the leadership field.  Some of the teachers on October 11 will be: Storm Hutchison, Edward Ventura and Myller Olivio. We will also discuss the formation of a Mt. Bethel Board to guide our work in the future.

Plan to attend and bring your team. It is crucial that we meet together to encourage each other and pray for each other.

Be With Him…

How God the Father trusted Jesus to do his work and how he wants to trust us… “the will of the Lord will prosper in his hand.”  Isaiah 53:10