At Reframe Conference last year the conference voted to go “all in” to try and start a church planting movement in the United States, based on what we had learned from Bruce Bennett.  The conference committed oversight of this project to the District Leaders.  The District Leaders have taken this charge from the conference seriously. We have met several times to teach Bruce’s system, we have had conference phone calls discussing this, including one with Bruce who is in South Africa.  Much of our regular District meetings are devoted to designing this system that can become a church planting movement.

So far we have about thirty lay people in training to plant churches and three new groups, or “initiated churches” have been started.  Next week we will gather at the Waverly Church to share stories of how God has been working among us.

We have begun to call this effort the Mt. Bethel Project because the action was passed at the conference at Mt. Bethel, Pennsylvania.

Superintendent David Harvey edits a weekly newsletter with information regarding the Mt. Bethel Project.  If you would like to receive this weekly Mt. Bethel Update please e-mail the superintendent at dharveymar@aol.com.

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