Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 19

How to start a church planting movement:
Nine strategies that produce nine behaviors in believers that are necessary for church multiplication

Church planting movements happen because of the actions of believers.  If believers do the correct actions, then multiplication will happen.  But that fact is that many believers invest many hours working for Christ and the church, but their activity does not produce Kingdom multiplication.

Below is a chart that helps us understand what behaviors we need to produce in the lives of believers for the church to multiply.  Strategies are simply plans to train, empower, and encourage behaviors in believers so that their lives produce the most fruit possible for the Kingdom in the years God has given them on earth.



Needed Behavior

Strategy No. 1 – Abundant Prayer – Because strategies are not enough

Needed Behavior: Believers who will develop a significant prayer life, especially praying about their role in church multiplication

Strategy No. 2 Reproducible Entry Strategies – (Empty Field Strategies)

Needed Behavior: Believers who will go to a new community and seek to start a new group by employing an entrance strategy

Strategy No. 3 Abundant Sowing – (Seeded Field strategies)

Needed Behavior: Believers who are trained to share the Gospel with non-believers and do so regularly

Strategy No. 4 – Reproducible Short Term Discipleship (Growing Field strategies)

Needed Behavior:  Believers who are equipped to form a group and lead the group through a short term discipleship process

Strategy No. 5 – Reproducible Long term Discipleship – (Growing Field strategies)

Needed Behavior: Believers who are equipped to train others in long term discipleship

Strategy No. 6 – Intentional Church Formation Strategies (Harvest Field strategies)

Needed Behavior: Believers who are trained to lead others in helping a group become a church.

Strategy No. 7 – Reproducible Leadership Multiplication – Ensuring there is an on-going supply of “workers,” “starters” and “multipliers” in the system

Needed Behavior: People who become leaders in the multiplication strategies in local church, leading empty field, seeded field, growing field and harvest field strategies

Strategy No. 8 – Healthy Church Strategies – Ensuring that the churches that are planted  begin as healthy churches and that the health is maintained over time

Needed Behavior: People who are trained to train others to create a healthy church with clear purposes, multiplication systems, and evaluation systems

Strategy No. 9 – Church Reproduction Strategies – Ensuring that there are strategy coordinators who can train others in the nine strategies

Needed Behavior: People who can train others to train others in the nine strategies, and provide oversight and encouragement for the people they train


Strategy Coordinators

The next piece of the puzzle for creating a church planting movement in our region is to identify those people whom God has called and gifted to be strategy coordinators.  Strategy Coordinators will train pastors and other leaders in the nine strategies that are necessary for a church planting movement and then would provide oversight and encouragement to the ones that they train.

We are moving to create Strategy Coordinator Training. This will start with a three day beginning training event. We are still determining the place and date, but it will be sometime later in the summer.  While registration will be limited, and it will be a first time experimental training group, you should consider participating in the training if you have a sense of being called by God to help start a church planting movement, and a passion to reach many more lost people for Jesus than our present systems are currently reaching.

Please contact David Harvey if you are interested in being part of this training.

Reframe Conference

In just a few weeks we will gather again for Reframe Conference.  This is a conference that is dedicated to reaching as many people as we possibly can by starting a Church Planting Movement in the United States.  We will be honored to hear from Bruce Bennett again. In the last twelve months Bruce’s churches have reached 1.3 million new people for Christ. We cannot really comprehend those numbers.  It will be a joy and an honor to listen again to someone whose ministry has been so blessed by God. If you haven’t registered you can register at

A Unique Opportunity

For those Attending Reframe Conference there will be a unique opportunity for a small group of individuals, about 6-8 people, to meet alone with Bruce Bennett and have him personally coach you in creating your plan for church multiplication.  This small cohort will meet in the mornings before breakfast and during some meal times.  If you wish to be part of this group please contact David Harvey at

Gathering Information

I am attempting to gather information from anyone who has made any attempts at implementing some of the Bruce Bennett system during the past year.  If you have, taught a church planter’s class, went looking for a person of peace, sent people into to a new community, tried to start a new group, or started a new group, I would like to hear from you.  Please send me a short summary of what you have done in the past year, even if you have a sense that it didn’t succeed.  It is very important that we keep accurate records of what is being done in this venture, and we need your accurate reporting to do that.  Many of you have already reported in what you have done, but if you haven’t please send a brief summary of your efforts to me at

Be with Him

Willie Kirchhofer has created a blog to encourage people to pray for one hour.  You can find his thoughts at Remember that the first step towards creating a church planting movement is Abundant Prayer.

Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 18

Help Wanted – Strategy Coordinators

All church planting movements have had some form of the role of persons who provide training and oversight of the movement. In many movements this role is called “Strategy Coordinator.” Strategy Coordinators have a deep understanding of the behaviors necessary for the church to multiply and know how to use a set of strategies to train people in these behaviors. These nine strategies were identified in the last issue of the Mt. Bethel Update.

The next step for the Mt. Bethel Project is to train a group of Strategy Coordinators. Check below for information on training. This issue of the “Update” will talk about the role of a Strategy Coordinator and the possibilities for training of Strategy Coordinators.


The Role of a Strategy Coordinator (SC)

1. SC’s understand that we don’t teach for knowledge, we train for behaviors. This is why everyone has a “to do” list, and why we are careful to provide weekly encouragement to complete the “to do” list.

2. SC’s understand that we measure of our success based on how well our trainees have carried out the desired behaviors.

3. SC’s have skills in the “nine strategies” necessary to produce a church multiplication movement.

4. SC’s are able to relate to trainees so that can both train and provide systematic encouragement (hold accountable) those whom God has called and they have trained.

5. SC’s provide oversight of trainers, planters, and churches that emerge out of their training ministry.

6. SC’s have a call and passion to see the Kingdom expand rapidly.


Strategy Coordinator Training

We are hoping to provide two opportunities for SC training.  Both of these opportunities will cover material about understanding the role of a strategy coordinator, and training in the nine strategies. The emphasis will be on gaining skills to be able to train others so that they can train in turn train the second generation of SC’s. This SC role is the key role in starting a church planting movement. Learning how to be a SC will enable trainees to focus their efforts and invest their time in meaningful activities.  Without learning this role we will be trying to start a movement, but will be investing much of our energy in activities that do not produce multiplication.

Summer Strategy Coordinator Training

The first Strategy Coordinator class will be held sometime in this summer after Reframe Conference.  The training will be three days and two nights. The training will consist of teaching about the role of SC and training in the nine strategies.

Strategy Coordinator Training in Israel

Learn the strategies of Jesus and the early church in the actual towns in which they were developed. I am looking to see if there is interest in being part of a pilot group to see if we can do this training in Israel.  The trip would be about 8-10 days and the cost would be around $3000 per person for air and travel in Israel. The time frame would be either October or April.

If you have interest in participating in either of these training opportunities please contact me at


Be With Him…

Praying for one hour will enable you to go through life seeing the goodness of God and hearing his voice. These are the prerequisites for an obedient life.  “And we are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey him.” Acts 5:32

Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 17

Mt. Bethel Project Status – Where do we go next?

We are just about six months into the Mt. Bethel Project.  We have been heading in the right direction to try to get a movement started, even though we have not really known how to accomplish our goals.  We have been moving forward based on Bruce Bennett’s statement that, “We may not have precedent but we have Promises.”

I want to say a big “Thank You” to each of you who have participated in training, have taught the training program, and who have participated in seminars. Thank you also to all those who have been on the streets in new communities finding a person of peace and sharing your story and Jesus’ story.

The question is where do we go next?  This issue of the Mt. Bethel Update will lay out what the Project will look like as we move forward. It will consist of training participants in a set of knowledge and a set of behaviors.  The set of knowledge that people need to know to make the project succeed will be taught in the “Church Planting by the Numbers” Seminar that was previewed in the last Update.

We also want to produce a set of behaviors. This update will preview the set of strategies that we need to work to produce the behaviors in believers that will enable the project to succeed. We will train a group of people called “Strategy Coordinators.”  Strategy Coordinators will know the nine strategies necessary to produce a church planting movement and will have the skills to coach people to train others in these strategies.

These strategies, previewed below, will produce the behaviors in believers that enable church planting movements to keep moving forward across multiple generations of new believers.


The Book of Strategies

There are nine strategies necessary to create a church multiplication movement.  Each strategy will be taught in such a way as to produce a behavior in believers. Oversight of the process and the trainers will be provided by strategies coordinators.

Strategy One – Abundant Prayer – Because strategies are not enough

  • Pray for One Hour
  • Community Prayer Walks
  • Praying with others
  • “Pray, Map, Go”

Strategy Two – Reproducible Entry Strategies

  • Go 2×2
  • The Person of Peace
  • The new group of friends and Family

Strategy Three – Abundant Sowing – Seeded Field strategies

  • The Person of Peace
  • The Reproducible Gospel Strategy
    • My Story
    • God’s Story
    • Opportunity for commitment
      • Oikos Strategy

Strategy Four – Reproducible Short Term Discipleship

  • Training for initial obedience
  • T4T Plan
  • RAD Plan

Strategy Five – Reproducible Long Term Discipleship

  • Producing self-feeding, obedient disciples

Strategy Six – Intentional Church Formation Strategies

  • One Vision
  • Two authorities
  • Three offices
  • Four marks of maturity
  • Five purposes of meeting together

Strategy Seven – Reproducible Leadership Multiplication

  • Moving from “Come and See” to “Come and Be”
  • Identifying Multipliers
    • Attenders
    • Workers (Sowers and Disciplers)
    • Starters
    • Multipliers

Strategy Eight – Healthy Church Strategies

  • The marks of a healthy church
  • The quarterly evaluation

Strategy Nine – Church Reproduction Strategies

  • Starting over with Strategy One
  • Teaching the “Four Fields”

Pray for One Hour

All church planting movements are fueled by prayer.  The Mt. Bethel Project wants to raise up a generation of believers who know how to pray. I have been hearing stories of people whose praying has been significantly changed by using the “How to Pray for One Hour” guide.  Ask God if you should be using it also. You can find it here.

If you have found the “How to Pray for One Hour” to be profitable, please send me a few sentences describing what you have experienced. Send it to me at  I am collecting statements that we can use to encourage others to pray more. Join in being a part of creating a system of encouragement.

Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 16

Cedar Springs, Michigan

A big “thank you” goes out to everyone who prayed for the seminar that David Harvey did in Cedar Springs, Michigan, last Saturday.  About one hundred people gathered to hear a teaching on how to start a church planting movement. This seminar was a follow up to Reframe Conference.  Four people from North Michigan attended Reframe Conference last June and since then they have been trying to understand how to implement these teachings about church multiplication.  Continue to pray for the people in North Michigan whom God is calling to this work. You will find below the summary of the seminar that was presented.

Seminar Available

One of my goals has been to take all the material that we have been learning and provide a simple overview of the entire church multiplication system. I have put together a simple seminar called “A Church Planting Movement by the Numbers.” I am offering to go to any church or group that would like to sponsor this seminar.  It can be done in a variety of different time and format constraints.  In Michigan we did the seminar from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.

While the goal of the seminar is to give people a clear and concise overview of the church multiplication system, what I am really looking for is people whom God is calling to this work. As people hear the seminar, some will be called to enter into this work of church multiplication.

A Church Planting Movement by the Numbers:  1…4…5…7…12

1 – There is One Purpose

That, “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord as the water covers the sea. “ Habakkuk 2:14

4– There are Four Factors Necessary for a Church Planting System to Multiply

1. A firm belief that the resources are in the harvest

2. Everyone leaves every meeting with a “To Do” list

3. Personal and systematic encouragement to complete the “To Do” lists, including weekly “reporting in” on our work to complete our “To Do” lists

4. Reproducible actions: The 222 Principle – Live out 2 Timothy 2:2

So that…

Christians are reproducing Christians

Disciples are discipling others

Churches are creating churches

Multiplying Leaders are training other leaders in multiplication

… to the fourth generation

5 – There are Five Stages of Church Multiplication

1. Entry Strategy – needed in an empty field

            a. Usually this strategy involves finding a person of peace

2. Gospel Presentation – needed in a seeded field

3. Discipleship – needed in a growing field

            a. Short-term discipleship – 6 – 10 weeks for new believers

            b. Long- term discipleship – creating mature, self-feeding believers

4. Church Formation – needed in a harvest field

5. Leaders with Skills for Multiplication– filtering to find and train those people who can be multipliers

7 – There are Seven Values

1. Hospitality

2. Encouragement

3. Vision

4. Call

5. Faith

6. Faithfulness

7. Planning and Administration

12 – There are Twelve Steps Over Twelve Months to Multiply a Church

1. Pray, Map & Go into the new community

2. Choose and implement an Entry Strategy

            a. Gather a group of people you know in the community and lead them to Christ

            b. Implement Jesus’ Person of Peace Strategy and include a clear call to commitment

3. Begin meeting together as a church immediately with new believers, even if it is only one new believer.  Begin short-term discipleship on the first day.  Teach new believers to share their story in three minutes.

4. Assist new believers to implement Oikos Strategy

            a. The new believer makes list of family and friends with whom they can share their story

            b. The church planter and the new believer schedule times to visit Oikos list and employ a Gospel strategy

            c. Repeat the Person of Peace and Oikos Strategy as needed

5. Begin teaching 6-8 weeks of short term discipleship.  This is the church meeting.

6. Continue training people to work in the four fields and assist them to start their own groups. Make sure to have time for weekly reporting on their work and provide systematic encouragement.

7. Begin new short term discipleship groups, and if possible have them led by persons who have just completed the short term course

8. Begin long term discipleship including healthy church teaching. These are your church meetings until the group gets large enough that your weekly discipleship meeting morphs into church services.

9. Identify leaders for your church who can coach the four field workers and starters

10. Implement healthy church initiatives including quarterly evaluations

11. Filter those who can move beyond “workers” and “starters” to those who are “multipliers” and train them in the multiplication system

12. Send out multipliers into a new community to start again with Step One

Be With Him…

Learn to pray for one hour.  Prayer aligns us with God’s purposes on the earth. Use the Mt. Bethel Prayer Guide from the last update and set out with God to build this discipline into your life. A church planting movement requires a solid base of praying believers.

The great reformer, Martin Luther, said: “I generally pray two hours every day, except on very busy days. On those days, I pray three.”

Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 15

Prayer Request

On Saturday, February 16, 2013, David Harvey will be presenting the Mt. Bethel Church Planting system to a group of people in Cedar Springs, Michigan.  At last report over 60 people had signed up to take this seminar. Please be in prayer for this day; for the people who will attend, and for David Harvey as he presents.  This will be a one day seminar on “Church Planting by the Numbers” which consists of a teaching on implementing the Mt. Bethel system step by step.  This seminar will be briefly summarized in next week’s update and is available to any church or group that is interested in learning more about this church multiplication system.

How to Start a Church Planting Movement (CPM) – Changing habits and lifestyles

            Starting a CPM requires that we change habits and lifestyles of believers.

What really has to change for a church planting movement to emerge in the United States? The answer is quite simple; we have to change habits and lifestyles of followers of Christ, whether they are new followers of Christ or long-time followers.  We have to change how people use their time so that they use their time to obey Jesus.  We need to make time to obey Jesus’ commands to “go”, to make disciples, to baptize, to teach people to obey (Matt. 28:18-19), and to teach what we have learned to “faithful men” (2 Tim. 2:2).

The reason we don’t have a church planting movement is that under the current system of “church” we can spend our life in the church and never change our lifestyle to obey Jesus in the ways listed above. We are in a danger zone when we are teaching people but not teaching them to obey.

To have a church planting movement we have to change our teaching from teaching about obedience, to teaching people to obey.  Those are two different things. Teaching people to obey will result in a change of habits and lifestyles in believers so that Matthew 28:18-19 and 2 Timothy 2:2 are being lived out in the world.

Pray that God will teach you how to teach people to obey.


The starting point for teaching people to obey: Learning to pray –

At its beginning every church planting movement (CPM) has been fueled by prayer. If you read the history of any CPM you will find the pattern of people praying first and then going into new communities.

Bruce Bennett says that, “Prayer is the primary factor facilitating a CPM. Through prayer, we understand the heart of the Father, acquire the mind of Christ, and attune ourselves to the will of the Holy Spirit. When we have spiritual sight of God’s will and plans for a community and we pray earnestly and passionately for the will of God to be done in a community, we can be sure God hears and answers our prayer. …Prayer aligns us to the will of God, calls down power on God’s servants and pleads for the healing transformation of a community. Prayer walking takes us into an area of need in order to see and feel the desperate plight of lost people.”

There is always a filtering process to discern who the people are whom God is calling to this ministry of multiplication.  Whether or not one is willing to change habits and behaviors so they can pray more is always one of the indicators of whether or not one is called.

For the Mt. Bethel Project to succeed we have to change the prayer habits of hundreds of Christians.  I believe that almost all Christians want to pray more, but many don’t really know how to do it.

Below is a simple guide to learn how to pray for one hour. This guide comes out of my own experiences in prayer, both daily prayer and years of doing two day prayer retreats. It is not the only way to pray for one hour, but it is “a” way.  If your prayer life is lacking, try this guide to get started on a new habit. This is a short guide. A more extensive guide will be made available.

Do not be intimidated by the size of the guide.  It is quite simple.  It involves six categories of praying: Getting Started, Thanking, Offering, Discussing/Asking for help, The Next Steps, and Affirmations.

Why one hour?

When Jesus was in Gethsemane seeking to obey the Father’s will for him to die on the cross, he asked his disciples a simple question: Could you not keep watch with me one hour? (Matt. 26:40)

In the crucial moment of history when salvation hung in the balance he asked his disciples to pray for one hour.  This is also a crucial moment in history. If we start a successful CPM it will result in the salvation of tens of thousands of people. The beginning point of a CPM is say “yes” to Jesus’ request to his disciples to pray.

What follows below is a simple guide to enable you to pray for one hour. If you know what to do for one hour the time will go fast. It will not be difficult.

Praying for one hour has great benefits. It will put your life back into perspective, you will know your priorities, you will be spiritually refreshed, it will create space in your life to nourish your soul, it will relieve your stress and you will know the next steps you should take.  In addition you will learn to go through life seeing the goodness of God and hearing his voice.

If you can’t pray for one full hour when you first start using this format, that is fine.  Don’t beat yourself up about being unable to pray for an hour. Use this format and pray as long as you can. As you build this prayer discipline into your life, seek to learn to pray longer. Remember that just getting started in building a significant prayer life is a major step in your walk with God and in the church being able to build a system of multiplication.

How to Pray for One Hour

Could you not keep watch with me for one hour?  (Matt. 26:40)

I. Getting Started

Go into a room and close the door (Matt. 6:6). Take with you a pen and note book to write down what God says to you during this time.

Begin by enjoying the words of the following prayer.  Linger over these phrases until they change from being your words to being your desires.

Almighty God, my heavenly father, unto whom all hearts are open, all desires are known, and from whom no secrets are hid. Cleanse the thoughts of my heart by the inspiration of your holy spirit, that I may perfectly love you and worthily magnify your holy name, through Christ my Lord.

II. Thanking

“Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you….” (1 Thess. 5:18)

Thank God for everything you can think of to thank him for in the last 24 hours.

Thank him for specific things he has done in history; your history, your family and friend’s histories, and the history of the world.  Pray Psalms like Psalm 91 or 103. Thank him for Bible heroes whose examples we follow.

Thank him for who he is. Name specific attributes such as: that his love never ends, that his mercy endures, that his faithfulness is great etc. Thank him for what he has created. Use Psalms such as Psalm 8 and Psalm 90. Make your own list of Psalms to pray.

When you run out of things to thank him for, learn to be silent before God with a deep sense of gratitude to him. Allow him to bring to your mind other things for which you should give him thanks.

III. Offering – “…offer yourselves to God…” (Rom. 6:13)

Begin by reviewing your past 24 hours and confess to God anything in your life that was not pleasing to him and ask for forgiveness.

Offer all of you to all of God: Slowly and deliberately offer your body, mind, spirit, attitudes, words, thoughts, actions, and feelings to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

Submit fully your past, present and future to God. Name your fears and release them to him.  “How much more should we submit to the father of our spirits and live.” (Heb. 12:9)

Pray earnestly for the grace to submit to God for his healing the parts of your past that are preventing you from loving purely in the present.   Pray that God will either reveal the parts of your past that are preventing you from loving purely so that you can submit them to him for his healing, or that he will enable you to submit these hidden parts of your past to God for healing even without you becoming aware of them.

Offer your whole self to God so that you do not have to live as a victim of any person, or any fear, or any circumstance, but you are free to love the way that Jesus loves the Father and loves people.

Pray for the freedom to forgive.

Offer yourself to God by affirming to him that this day you will keep your heart free of any ill will toward any person. Affirm to him that if he reveals any ill will that you are harboring in your heart you will immediately deal with it both through prayer, by asking for cleansing and forgiveness, and if necessary, by making amends with that person.

Allow yourself to be overtaken by a profound sense of joy as you submit to God.

IV. Discussing/Asking for help

“Save us and help us with your right hand, that those you love may be delivered” (Psalm 108:6)

“Thy Kingdom come thy will be done on earth….” (Matt. 6:10)

Begin to discuss with God the need for his will to triumph in specific situations; be specific in your requests to God for help.

Pray for the church

Pray that through the church, “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”  (Hab. 2:14)                                                                                                                        

Pray that the Lord would send out workers into the harvest field so the church will multiply.

Pray that he would build his church, both locally and around the world.

Pray for an obedient church; pray especially that hospitality and encouragement would flow out of it.

Discuss with God specific issues in your church in which his help is needed.

Pray for lost people for whom you have been burdened to pray.

Pray for others

Begin to discuss with God the present and future of individuals you care about and have been called to pray for, and for earthly situations which need God’s intervention. We are praying that God’s grace will be lavished in these lives and situations; that God will redeem people and situations.

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us with all wisdom and understanding.  (Eph. 1:7-8)

Pray that this individual would know the love of the God the Father, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

Pray that this person may be able to receive:

– grace for repentance,
– grace for healing,
– grace for strength,
– grace for peace,
– grace for protection, and
– grace for purity.

Pray that people would come to hate their sin; pray that issues that are keeping the will of God from prevailing would be exposed.

Pray that God’s will would prevail in every person’s life and in every situation. Pray that pure love would shape the situation.

Pray that you will be a source of encouragement in these lives and situations.

Pray for your family

Pray using the guide in the above section that individuals would receive God’s grace.

Pray for your heirs, to several generations in the future, including future spouses.

Pray for children in your family.

Pray for Godly fathering and mothering in your family.

Pray that Godliness and love would characterize each person, each home and each generation.

Pray that none of your family would be missing in heaven.

Pray for yourself

Discuss your need for specific provisions for this day. Walk through your day with God, offer each event to him and ask for his assistance.

Ask for help in resisting temptation. Name your temptations to God.

Ask for grace for peace, protection, and for purity.

V. The Next Steps

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God. (James 1:5)

Spend time asking God about the next steps in your life:

What is my next step in my relationship with my family?

What is the next step in my spiritual growth?

What is the next step in my ministry?

Pray for wisdom for grace to submit to and obey what he has revealed to you in these prayers.

VI. Affirmation

“Be strong in the Lord, and in His mighty power” (Eph. 6:10)

Affirm your desire to honor God with every part of your life in this day.

Affirm that you will walk in God’s joy regardless of the difficulties of the day.

Pray all of this in the strong Name of Jesus.

 “But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” (1 Cor. 15:57)


Be With Him….

Then he returned to his disciples and found them sleeping. “Could you men not keep watch with me for one hour?”  (Matt. 26:40)

The Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 14

How to Start a Church Planting Movement – Knowing the Next Step to Take

The question I am asked most frequently by those who are working in church multiplication is: “What do I do next?”

There are always two answers to the question: the first answer to spend time asking God that question.  The second answer is to know what the steps are that you need to take to accomplish the task.

Every task is accomplished through a series of steps.

I recently found material that had put the church multiplication process into ten steps.  This material is similar to Bruce Bennett’s and other church multiplication material. You can adapt these steps to the knowledge you already have.

This program is called “RAD” which stands for “Radically Advancing Disciples.”

These materials are available in two forms.  One is a student booklet that you take new Christians through to begin to both disciple them and to help them to start their own group. The second is a larger teacher’s manual, or “Implementation Manual” that explains the lesson in the student manual.  Both manuals are available for free on the internet.

The Student Booklet is available here:

The trainer’s manual (implementation manual) is available here:

Here are the ten steps to start a church planting movement.

1. Pray for Harvesters and go to the community that Jesus is sending you to.

2. Depend on God so you don’t waste time going.

3. Trust that God has a person of peace waiting to meet you.

4. Enter the house of the person of peace, and eat with them.

5. Meet needs and share the Gospel.

6. After one person follows Jesus, start a church in the house as soon as possible and teach them the lessons for the first three steps of following Jesus. (Lessons provided in the materials at the above links.) The first three lessons are: Be Assured of Your Salvation; Be Baptized; Go and Tell.

7. Explain and begin to give the Lord’s Supper to baptized believers.

8. Go at least once a week and disciple the new church to make it healthy.  Teach the eight lessons for Paul’s patterns for healthy churches. (Lessons provided in the materials at the above links.)

9. Have the church begin Discipleship together and appoint servant-leaders.

10. Find obedient believers in the group and teach them the entire process.

So that answer to the question of, “what do I do next?” is found by finding which step you have completed so far and then put on your calendar a day to go and do the next step.  By time you get to step Ten you will be assisting someone else to start step one. That is where the multiplication will come from.

These steps are based on the four fields that Bruce Bennett teaches.  There will be more teaching on the four fields in future “Updates.”

Pottsville Church Planter Training

We are celebrating the first person of peace who is in church planter training.

Last Saturday, January 12, 2013, I taught church planter training at Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  There were ten people present, coming from both the Pottsville church plant led by Storm Hutchison and from the Nescopeck church led by Mike Maleski.  We were there from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. and spent the time learning the “Seven Values of a Church Planting Movement,” and “The Person of Peace.”

One of the people in the training was Ed.   You have read about Ed if you have been reading these updates.  Several issues back we had the story of Al Sones and Storm Hutchison going to Port Carbon, PA looking for a person of peace.  You might remember the story of how Ed came running out of his house as Al and Storm were trying to intervene in a situation in which a young mother and her child were being threatened by a dog. Ed then invited Al and Storm into his house and they prayed with him.  Ed is now training with Storm to plant a church.

This is a first for the Mt Bethel Project.  Ed is the first person who was found by going into a new community and asking God to reveal a person who can help plant a church in that town and who is now in training to plant a church.  We are praying for thousands more “Ed’s.”

Looking for Church Planters Who Will Gather a Group and Train Them to Plant Churches

The need for second-generation classes of church planters.

We met on last Saturday in Pottsville in a lovely conference room in the building where Storm has his office. Most of the people were sitting around the table, while Storm, as the host, was sitting away from the table, against the back wall. While I was doing this teaching I kept envisioning the day when one of the people sitting at the table as a student would be there sitting in Storm’s chair, hosting a group he or she had gathered.  My prayer during this training was not just for the people being trained, but as I explained to them, I prayed that someday I would be able to go back to that conference room and teach those church planting lessons to a group of people God had gathered around one of the participants that was there last Saturday as a student.

This is the path to multiplication—that a current student in church planter training gets to the place where they have gathered their own group and are leading church planter training.  Pray that we will soon see a second generation group.

Be With Him…

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.”  Acts 4:13

The Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 13

How to Start a Church Planting Movement – Find the People Who are Waiting for You

“The harvest is plentiful” – Jesus

As you contemplate going into a new community and looking for a person of peace who can assist you in starting a new church, go with confidence in these words of Jesus, “The harvest is plentiful.”  Go knowing that there are plenty of people in that community who are waiting to hear the Gospel. Go knowing that there is a person of peace whom God has prepared and who is even now waiting for you to show up, even though they may not realize that until after it happens.

Jesus understood our reluctance to go looking for the person of peace and others who are ready to hear the Gospel. That is why in Luke 10 he asked us to pray, not for non-believers who are ready to be part of the harvest, but for workers for the harvest. It is us, the believers who need prayer to make the harvest happen. There are plenty of people who are not yet believers who are ready and waiting for us. They have already been prepared by the Holy Spirit.

What is hindering the harvest are the believers who are reluctant to “go” into new towns and communities. What if we trusted Jesus enough to believe that the harvest was plentiful? Pray for greater faith and obedience to go to new towns because we really believe that “the harvest is plentiful.”

Steps to Finding a Person of Peace

These steps that are gleaned from Luke 10 change the way that believers interact with both God and non-believers.

When you go looking for a person a peace you are putting yourself in a place in which you are not in control of what happens, and thus you are dependent on God acting supernaturally.  Much of our reluctance to “go” as the Bible says is a reluctance to be in a place where we are not in control.  Yet, it is precisely in those situations that God is more free to act in supernatural ways through our interaction with others.

It changes the way we interact with non-believers because we interact with them as the one who needs to receive, rather than that one who is there to give.  Most of our “witnessing” is done from the high-power position in a relationship.  We are there to control the conversation, to give a message and to bring change to the other person.  When we interact as we are instructed to in Luke 10, we go as a receiver of hospitality, willing to be the low-power person in the interaction.

Submission is the key to finding a person of peace.  Submission to obey God’s command to “go” and submission to the person of peace that you meet as shown by your willingness to receive their hospitality.

Here are some steps to follow:

1. Pray over a map and ask God what town or community you should go to.

2. Go two by two – for greater courage and to encourage each other.

3. Go needy – be willing to receive hospitality. “Eat what is set before you” is the sign that you are willing to receive hospitality and affirms your genuine care for the person serving you.  Avoid false humility that turns down what a person offers and avoid a sense of being in a hurry.

4. Expect to meet people who are not the person of peace. When you do be polite and move on.

5.  Announce that you have been sent to pray for the person and their family, that this can be a “God-moment” in their life.

6. Stay with the person – When God brings you to a person of peace you are making an agreement with God to invest 2-4 years in the life of that person. You will lead that person to Christ, help them make of list of people with whom they will share their salvation story immediately, and then disciple that person, train them to lead a group, and train them to train others.

Finding a Person of Peace – Al and Storm go to Boiling Springs, PA

“Finding a person of peace is made easy through prayer.”

Here is a narrative from Al Sones about his and Storm Hutchison’s attempt to find a person of peace in Boiling Springs, PA.

What transpired today was the most complete (start to finish) Luke 10 day that I’ve had so far. It seems that the more we do this, the more fully we move into the way of Jesus.  The only element that I can think of offhand from Luke 10 and Matthew 10 that did not happen was praying for the sick.

Storm met me at my office at Good News Church in Mechanicsburg, PA at 10 a.m. today. We sat in my office with maps of Cumberland County and Pennsylvania spread out before us. We talked about things of the Lord – what He is teaching us, how we are observing Him work to align the realities of a Church Multiplication movement, etc. Then we prayed for God to show us where to go, who to look for and what to do when we get there.

As we prayed, the little community of Boiling Springs came to mind. So I just named that out loud in prayer and was waiting for some confirmation from God when Storm stood up and said, “Well, let’s go.”

The point that occurs to me here is that we received word about where to go, but not really a word on who to look for or what to do. I realize in the absence of a revelation of situation-specific instructions, what we are to do is just use the Luke 10 description as the default. We always have a general outline to guide our behavior in the absence of any more specific instructions from the Holy Spirit.

Storm and I went to Boiling Springs, a small, picturesque village situated in Cumberland Valley in the shadow of the South Mountain. It is bounded by farm fields and housing developments at the intersection of two secondary roads. Boiling Springs is noteworthy for its Allenberry Playhouse and Resort, the Mid-Atlantic Office of the Appalachian Trail (which cuts across the town), a historic preservation of an old iron-smelting furnace, and, of course the “boiling springs.” You can see both ends of the village along route 174 when standing in the center of town.

Its namesake is actually the site where an underground stream that flows from the South Mountain surfaces. The water from the underground stream bubbles like boiling water as it flows out of the ground, but maintains the steady 53 degrees that is characteristic of limestone streams. The little creek that flows downstream from this site is known as the Yellow Breeches. The Yellow Breeches Creek has no “upstream.”

Storm and I had lunch at a quaint dining place known as Café 101. It overlooks a small lake in the center of the town of Boiling Springs. While we were there, I had a brief conversation with another patron who had visited Good News Church for about a month early in 2012. She was enthusiastic in her affirmation of our Luke 10 journey. But no other opportunities presented in the Luke 10 mode in Café 101.

After lunch, Storm and I walked along the sidewalk that bounds the north end of the lake in the park that it is the center of town. Immediately past the lake is a small country store. I turned the doorknob to enter the store. Storm later told me that as I did so, he heard this fleeting thought that said, “Nothing is going to happen here.” Storm concluded later that this thought was actually a ploy of Satan.

When we walked in, the proprietor looked up from behind the counter where he was waiting on a customer. He asked if he could help us and cheerfully welcomed us as we said we just wanted to look around.

We reached the back of the store where we could look out large windows that overlooked the lake. We started to browse toward the front of the store, when the proprietor, having now finished with the customer came back to the spacious store area where we stood. He struck up a conversation with us, but was initially somewhat guarded in his demeanor.

Our “conversation starter” with him was to compliment his store and ask about his business.

The conversation flowed readily to current events –the recent tragedy in Newtown, CT and the condition of our nation.

At an early point in the conversation I began to have an overwhelming sense that this store owner is a man who has had and still has people praying for him. I reported this sense to him and he immediately broke into a huge smile (that was tempered by deeply “knowing” eyes) and said, “It is with me all the time.”

The “it” is the impact of all the godly people who have spoken into his life. He said he remembers Sunday School and carried a New Testament in his pocket until he was 15.

He told us that he has not lived what he was raised to believe, but he has always known right from wrong.

He was very open to us as we told him that there is a call of God on his life. He was intrigued by Storm’s description of how the Kingdom of Jesus is expanding around the world. He said, “I hope you’re right.” We told him that we are not trying to do the American church “thing”; instead we are representing Jesus and His Kingdom. And we told Him that the Kingdom of God had come to his place today because God had heard his prayers and the prayers of others on his behalf.

He told us that he’s always thinking but struggles to figure out spiritual things. He was very open to my words that I have concluded that I need to depend on God’s revelation, not my own intellect. He also was receptive to my abbreviated testimony of my coming to a deep intellectual faith while at college.

But he was clear that he has not fully entered into the life of faith in Jesus. To Storm and me, he seems to be just at the doorway.

So we told him that he has a place in God’s plan for His Kingdom on earth. We told him that we believe that he fits the Luke 10 definition of a man of peace and that God will use him to impact people for the Kingdom.

Storm suggested to him that we would like to pray with him. He accepted that gladly. We bowed our heads for a few moments as I prayed out loud for God to lead him and his wife into the full expression of his calling on their lives. We also prayed for God to bless his business.

He asked where my church is. We exchanged contact information. He said that he’s very likely to reach out because he has a need to talk about things. He also said that he and his wife might come to Good News Church some Sunday.

I told him that I’d be glad that have him come to Good New Church, but that I would really like for him to gather some people whom he knows into his home and start a church in his home in Mechanicsburg. I told him that if he wants to start a home church I would help him. He received that and thanked me.

We told him at the very end of our conversation that Jesus tells us in the Bible that we have the authority to speak a declaration on peace on his household. So we did that and he thanked us. He actually seemed very moved that we did that.

As we drove away, Storm reported his conclusion that this is a man who was looking for us equally as much as we were looking for him.

In reflection, we realize how readily Jesus answered our prayers as we obeyed His plan set forth in Luke 10. We didn’t have to struggle long in prayer. In just ten minutes of prayer we received all the direction from Him that we needed to meet this man on this day.  And we didn’t have to search and trudge up and down streets and slog our way through numerous dead-end conversations. In the first few moments of our walking through Boiling Springs (after a hearty lunch, of course) we were engaged in a full-fledged Luke 10 process with a man of peace whose heart was masterfully prepared for our arrival.

We realized in retrospect that our day was paced in a very precise way to have us walking into this store just as a customer was leaving and there were no interruptions for our entire conversation (that was probably more than 30 minutes long – although I lost track of time during the talk).

We returned to our car and drove back to my office, debriefing as we travelled. We parked in the Good News Church parking lot, bowed our heads in prayer before exiting the car – just “sealing” the Kingdom initiatives of the day in prayer before we went our separate ways.

Storm and Al had asked many people to be praying for this Luke 10 Day. Storm has multiple prayer groups at the Pottsville Church. Al prayed with a 9:05 Prayer Team in a conference call prayer time the prior evening. Mt. Bethel Project Leader, Dave Harvey interceded for this time. A number of personal prayer partners for Storm and Al committed to praying while the Luke 10 Day was underway.

Al says that the work of finding a person of peace is made easy by prayer.

Be With Him…

In John 5:19 Jesus reveals the core of his ministry success.  He says that “the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing.”  If you see what the Father is doing and join him in that work, you will accomplish what he put you here to accomplish.  Be with Him.

The Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 12

The Glory of Christmas

“The Son of Man came to seek and save what was lost”   Luke 19:10

“Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners.” 1 Timothy 1:15

“Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the good news of the Kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.” Matthew 9:25

The great glory of the Christmas story is that Jesus left the place he was and went to the place where the needy people were.  Without this action of Jesus to go to where the people were, we would all have no hope. There would be no joy of Christmas ever; for anybody. For all eternity.

To create a church multiplication movement we have to re-enact the Christmas story thousands of times over. Christians have to leave where they are and go to towns and communities where there are needy people who we don’t yet know. These needy people are ready and waiting for a message of hope and joy; the good news and healing of Jesus.

These simple action statements that Christ Jesus “came into the world”, and “Jesus went through all the towns and villages”, are the story of Christmas and the glory of Christmas, and the call of God on our lives. Pray for greater desire to do what Jesus did and for grace to obey his call on your life.

“For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.”  Habakkuk 2:14


Reaching a New Constituency

Today only about 17% of Americans are in church on any given Sunday. When a church multiplication movement succeeds, one of the primary reasons will be that it will reach a new constituency of people, those not in the 17%.

As believers are deployed into new communities armed with the Gospel values such as hospitality (love for strangers) and encouragement, faith and faithfulness, they will find that there are many more people who are open to the message of these values than are open to an invitation to church.

The goal of a church multiplication movement is to appeal to the 83% of Americans who are not in church on Sunday morning.

Several years ago the concept of “red oceans and blue oceans’ was a popular business concept.  A red ocean is an ocean full of the “blood” of companies offering similar products fighting over a small segment of the market. Red oceans happen when companies are competing for a bigger “slice of the pie.’

Blue oceans are the place companies get to when they stop fighting over market share and begin to create new constituencies for their products.  Rather than fighting over a bigger slice of the pie, blue ocean companies believe the entire pie can be larger.

Here is a brief introductory video of this concept:

A church multiplication movement will not try to attract a larger percentage of the 17% of the population that currently attend church. We will go into the world armed with Christ-like values and seek to reach the other 83%. We will reach people who respond to a message of hospitality and encouragement. This is a different group (a blue ocean) than the people who respond to an invitation to a traditional church service.

Pray that God will give us eyes to see the other 83% and will enable us to interact with them with values such as hospitality and encouragement that they find appealing. Remember: “The Gospel spreads through the hospitality of believers.”

Mt. Bethel Project Updates Now Available Online

Somebody said to me last week that by reading through the Mt. Bethel Updates they have come to understand more clearly how we are trying to create a church multiplication movement.  Now, thanks to the good work of Jason Chaillou in the office we have a website on which all the Mt. Bethel Updates are archived. You can find them at  We will be adding other resources to this site as we move forward.

Bruce Bennett Training Materials Available in Spanish

Pastor Joel Guzman has thirty people in a training class in Bronx, New York, using the Bruce Bennett materials.  Joel is having these materials translated into Spanish and reports that the “Community Church Planting Manual” is almost completed as are the beginning lessons of the Pastoral Training Course and the Omega Church Planting materials.  If you are interested in securing these material in Spanish please contact Joel.  Also remember that much of these materials are already available in Portuguese. We will put a link for the Portuguese material on the site.

Be With Him…

“Because he himself suffered when he was tempted, he is able to help those who are being tempted.”  Hebrews 2:18

The Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 11

How to Start a Church Planting Movement – Creating Our Own Paths through Culture

Allan Hirsch says that secular people have a positive view of Jesus but a very negative view of the church.  These negative views of the church are part of the reason why efforts to create a church planting movement in the United States have been so difficult and largely unsuccessful.

To create a church planting movement we will have to create new paths through secular culture that differentiate our work from the traditional views of “church” that culture entertains.

For starters we will have to accept that secular culture owes us nothing. Even though I have been frustrated the last few weeks that it is almost impossible to find Christian Christmas music on the radio, to create a movement we have to accept the fact that culture owes us nothing, not even our preferred Sunday morning time slot in people’s schedules.

It is up to us to create new paths through secular culture for the Gospel and Gospel values.   We have to create paths which secular culture will respond to in positive ways.  We have to earn our right to be heard and earn our right to have a significant place in culture.  The day is past when we can say, “We are right therefore you should pay attention to us.”

A church planting movement has great potential to create new paths through culture and regain credibility for Christian Truth in secular culture.  If we would just live out church planting movement values and learn how to make persuasive arguments for these values, we can create new paths through secular culture.

The values of a Church Planting movement include such things as hospitality, encouragement, faith, faithfulness, generosity, living with a sense of call and offering care to needy people we do not know. These values compose a different view of believers and “church” than the one currently held by many secular people today.

Part of our challenge is to create these new paths through our culture and to distance ourselves from the negative views of the church and Christians that many secular people rightly or wrongly hold. Living out our values is the way we create these new paths.

Report on the “Share Your Story” meeting in Waverly, PA

Fifteen people gathered in Waverly, PA to share their stories about trying to begin a church multiplication movement.  We heard many stories of praying over a map, going into a new town, talking to people not previously known, and looking for a person of peace.

While not all the people who are working in the Mt. Bethel Project attended this meeting, the fifteen people who were at the meeting have visited at least six new towns in the past several weeks.  There have been several people identified who might be persons of peace and who are being followed up on.  A new group has already been established in one of these communities that we are praying will become a new church.

One of the purposes of the meeting was to learn what the questions are that we still need to answer to create a church multiplication movement.  Here is a summary of some of the issues that were discussed.

1. It is important to go into a new town two by two, as Jesus sent the disciples in Luke 10. We need others for courage to do what God has called us to do and to keep the commitment we made to go into new towns to look for a person of peace who can help us start a new group in that town.

2. We need better skills in knowing how to start a conversation with someone we don’t know.  Perhaps we can develop a repertoire of ways of talking with new people. We discussed several “door opening questions” to begin spiritual conversations with people. We also talked about whether or not we should introduce the fact that we are looking to start a new church early in the conversation, or whether we should use an alternate term for church.

3. Several people spoke of the next towns or regions that they felt God was telling them to visit.

4. We have possibilities for starting new groups in several of the new towns people have visited.  At least one of these towns has a new group that has been started, and several other towns will have new groups beginning in the next several weeks.

Mt. Bethel Project Introductory Training Available

On Saturday, January 12, 2013, there will be an all day training event held at Pottsville, Pennsylvania.  David Harvey will be teaching on the Person of Peace concept and on the seven values of a church planting movement. Anyone is invited to attend, but you must let Pastor Storm Hutchison know in advance so that he will know what size of room to secure.  This class will be part of the curriculum of the Pottsville church planting class that Storm leads, but he has graciously opened the training to anyone who would like to attend.  If you want to attend please contact Pastor Storm at

Moving from ideas to action – The “To Do” List

One of the key tools for starting a church multiplication movement is the “To Do” list.  As you may recall this is an essential component of Bruce Bennett’s system.  A “To Do” list is what turns an idea into an action.  Many of us have good intentions about what we want to do; a map that we want to pray over, new communities we want to go into, or a training class that we want to gather and start.  But these intentions will become just a thought we can ignore in a matter of three or four weeks if we don’t put them on our “To Do” list. If God has spoken to you about getting started in church multiplication and you have not done it then it is time to put some specific action on your “To Do” list and then put that task in your calendar to be done on a specific date. I am certain that there are people who God has spoken to about being involved in this work who have just not yet gotten started. Let me know if you would like assistance in getting started.

Be With Him…

Thomas Kelly on living out Christian values in the midst of secular culture:

“No average goodness will do, no measuring of our lives by our fellows, but only a relentless, inexorable divine standard. No relatives suffice; only absolutes satisfy the soul committed to holy obedience. Absolute honesty, absolute gentleness, absolute self-control, unwearied patience and thoughtfulness in the midst of raveling friction of home and office and school and shop. (p. 66)

The Mt. Bethel Project Update-No. 1

Sept. 21, 2012 Training Event Summary

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in our first training event.  We had 30 people attend the training. Nineteen people signed up to try and start a training for trainers group.

Thanks especially to Storm Hutchinson who taught the Xcelerate discipleship model. Remember that Xcelerate can be used as both a Field I and Field II strategy.   If you want to learn more about Xcelerate you can contact Storm who has plans to accommodate those who want to see Xcelerate in action. Dan Greider, who is a church multiplication coach (and Storm’s coach) and who has initiated Xcelerate will be the speaker at our Multiplication Training Event that will be held on March 2, 2013.

Special Thanks also to Larry Freed who taught the “Train and Multiply” system to us.  Train and Multiply is an alternative system to create a multiplication movement. The advantages of Train and Multiply is that its simplicity and the materials are available in 40+ languages.  You and learn more at  If you are interested in using Train and Multiply please let me know because the conference can purchase the copyright and then everyone is free to use it.

Your “To Do” List

The first item on the “To Do” list distributed at the seminar was that you would agree to, in the next month:

– produce a map with target communities for church planting (it should include target communities for first and second generation churches.)

– secure the necessary training materials

– review the first months lessons to be taught

– identify prayer partners for your work

– recruit 2-5 persons to train as church planters, with at least two of them being persons of peace that God has led you to; begin training them with “Mobilizing Members” (if you are using Bruce’s system) and teach Gospel strategies.

We are not sure if the one month timeline is correct, we need to collect data from each of you to discern that, but by this time you should be fairly well along in your first month’s “to do” list. Unfortunately we left the seminar without a good system for reporting your progress. That is something that we will have to correct. But for now please feel free to contact me or anyone else who is on our e-mail list if you are getting stuck.

Expect Spiritual Opposition

Some of you know that I spent last weekend in the hospital.  I have been getting increasingly ill as we have moved toward implementing this system. The night before the Sept. 21 seminar I was so ill I was not sure I was going to be able to do it. Last Friday my goal was to get this update written since it was just two weeks after our seminar.  As I went to get started writing this update my whole body and mind crashed. I became delirious.  Dawn took me to the Emergency Room where I was diagnosed with complete dehydration.  Since then I have been plagued with serious blood pressure spikes that are both dangerous and debilitating.  I have never taken blood pressure medication in my life. The doctor has put me on some medicine now to try and even out the spikes.  I say this to tell you to expect Satan’s attack. This week as I have been in battle with Satan I have come to have great joy from the simple juxtaposition of two phrases in the Lord’s prayer. I have enjoyed the fact that the phrase “but deliver us from evil” is immediately followed by “for thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.” In those phrases is the source of every hope we have.

Going Forward

We have taken a step of faith into the unknown . We do not know exactly how to create this system in a way that it will work in our culture.  I have taken great comfort in Bruce’s words that “we may not have precedent, but we have God’s promises.” There is so much yet to figure out. As I mentioned above we need to develop a reporting system.  We need more avenues for encouragement. Storm has suggested that we create a “best practices” Facebook page where we can post what has worked and what hasn’t. Storm has also suggested geographical encouragement groups that would meet at least monthly.   The district leaders will meet this month and we will spend some time trying to create this missing part of our system. Until then please feel free to share with us what you need, because that will help us create a good system.

Remember also that we are also still praying that God will reveal the person who is to be the Champion.

Bruce’s material now available in Portuguese

Bruce has notified us that the training material has been translated into Portuguese.  Please let me know if you would like the link to that site.

Please feel free to respond to anything on this e-mail.  I believe you can just click “reply all”  and everybody will receive what you write.  This whole project is at a critical stage.  The information you can provide about your work is essential to our success.  Thanks to each one of you who seek to be obedient to God’s command in 2 Timothy 2:2 that we are to entrust what we have learned to reliable people who are able to teach others.  I am deeply thankful to God for each one of you, and for your willingness to take a great step of faith to advance Jesus Kingdom.

Be With Him

These will make war with the lamb and the lamb will overcome them; for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are Called, Chosen and Faithful.                                                                                             Rev. 17:14